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Pollywogs Closure Schedule

Childcare is closed for the following holidays/ paid vacations: Payments are not reduced during these months. See page 4 of the Childcare Handbook.
Closures due to weather conditions will be credited if Pollywogs is not able to be open and exceeds two continual days.
A full day is considered four hours or more. Any time Pollywogs is scheduled for more than four hours it is considered a full day and no credits are given.
Anything less is hourly and the hourly rate for your child's age will be applied. 

Pollywogs will be closed for the following Holidays/ Paid Vacations for 2016 / 2017:

Date     Comments
September 5th.Open on the 6th.
November 23rd, 24th.Open on the 28th.
December 19th -January 2nd.Open on the 3rd.
January 16th.Open on the 17th.
February 20th.
May 29th.
Open on the 21st.
Open on the 30th.

Pollywogs will be closed for the following Non Paid Vacations for 2016 / 2017:

 April 10th - April 14th.

Note -  Summer Vacations will be posted by May 26th, 2017.