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Pollywogs Play School Has Successfully Closed!

Childcare is closed for the following holidays/ paid vacations: Payments are not reduced during these months. See page 4 of the Childcare Handbook.
Closures due to weather conditions will be credited if Pollywogs is not able to be open and exceeds two continual days.
A full day is considered four hours or more. Any time Pollywogs is scheduled for more than four hours it is considered a full day and no credits are given.
Anything less is hourly and the hourly rate for your child's age will be applied. 

Pollywogs will be closed for the following Holidays/ Paid Vacations for 2017 / 2018:

Date     Comments
September 4th.Open on the 7th.
November 23rd, 24th.Open on the 27th.
December 18th -January 1st.Open on the 2nd.
January 15th.Open on the 16th.
February 19th.
April 9th-12th.
May 28th.
open on February 27th
open on April 16th.
open on May 28th.

Pollywogs will be closed for the following Non Paid Vacations for 2017 /2018 school year.

September 5th and 6th.
February 20th - 26th.

Note -  Summer Vacations will be posted by May 26th, 2018. Along with any rate increases that will be applied for September 2018.