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Pollywogs Play School Has Successfully Closed!

Introductory Visit -

Each new family is required to visit Pollywogs at least one time prior to enrollment. During this time both the family, Scarlett and myself will decide if Pollywogs is the best fit for your child and families needs.  Please call in advance to schedule a visit.

Deposits and Registration Fees -  Pollywogs is currently not accepting deposits. All spaces are on a month to month basis. A 30 day written notice is respectfully appreciated.

Deposit:      A one-month non-refundable deposit is required and will be applied to the last month of childcare once your child attends Pollywogs. A notice of sixty days from the day that tuition is due ( 25th of each month) is  required in writing. If a 60 day written notice is not received then payment is expected for your child’s last month of care. If there are paid vacations or you are taking personal time off during the last month of care and using your deposit there are no credits given. The deposit is non refundable and no credits will be applied.

Example:     If October will be your child’s last month here at Pollywogs and your child will not be attending Pollywogs in November. Then you would need to submit in writing a letter or email stating this on August 25th.  A payment for October would not be expected because your one-month non-refundable deposit will be applied for the child’s last month of care.

Registration Fee:  A non-refundable registration fee of $35 is required.

Admission Forms -

All forms should be completely filled out. If a zip code is required please list one.  Please have a minimum of two emergency contacts listed. One of your emergency contacts should be an out of state contact. And your Certificate of Immunization must be completed and signed by you the parent/guardian. Please update your child’s CIS forms when there have been any updated vaccinations. It is your responsibility to complete and submit updated forms.

You must have someone other than yourself and other primary guardian/ parent listed as person permitted to pick your child up in case of an emergency.  For example if your child becomes ill and must go home immediately, someone who is able to respond when we are not able to reach you within 30 minutes of contacting you.

There are several forms you are required to complete prior to your child's attendance:

1. Child Care Home Register - This form includes:
 a. Consent For Medical Care and Treatment of Minor Children
2.  Permission Authorization
3.  Child Care Agreement

Certificate of Immunization -

A CIS form must be used must be current and updated yearly (more frequently for infants).  All children must be current on their immunizations.  If there is a signed exemption to immunizations, the child may need to be excluded from childcare if there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease that the child has not been immunized for.

Trial Period -

The trial period will be 4 weeks.  This period is used to observe the child's adjustment to care and to talk about concerns.  I will talk to you daily about your child's day.  Please tell me if you have any concerns.  After a 4-week trial period, we will determine if the childcare services are satisfactory for everyone.  If any problems cannot be resolved, the care is terminated. Deposits are not refundable.

Childcare Handbook.pdf