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Pollywogs Play School Has Successfully Closed!

My Family and Background -

I'm a Single Mother of two active school age children. My son is entering high school  and my daughter attends Genesee Hill Elementary School. I strive to do things as a family in a wholesome and caring way with respect for each other.  I have been a participant in the PEPS program and believe in mothers and families supporting each other. Both my son and daughter participated in a Co-op preschool.  I have worked at the Co-op and have taken the parental educational classes. In addition to our home we also have two cats and a dog. From time to time you may see our four legged family members but as a best practice they do not spend the day with the Pollywogers.

My Training and Experience -

The State of Washington requires that I take annual training on topics related to caring for young children.  Feel free to ask me about my training.  I will share any interesting things I learn with the families in my program.

I’m certified to care for eight children up to 5 years of age.

Names -

Christine Fernandez-     Owner -November 2006

Assistance Information -

Our favorite things to do -

  • Walks in the park and around our neighborhood.
  • Circle Time
  • Art Projects
  • Music Time
  • Story Time
    Morning Movement